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Classes Offered



classes focus on building strength, poise, proper body alignment, turnout and extension in an expressive atmosphere. Classes consist of barre and center work. Ballet is the basis of all dance disciplines.




is a fun filled class focused on improving technique, strength, and flexibility which will enhance student's jumps, turns, and stage performance.


Tiny Tumblers Acro

concentrates on balance, coordination,  flexibility  and strengthening of  skeletal muscles! Teaches the very basics of tumbling.


develops rhythm and sound coordination skills in an upbeat class. Try Broadway Tap for a more classic broadway style feel.


tells a story through dance and combines classical ballet, modern and jazz technique. This class develops strength, flexibility and balance with a strong ballet base.  Ages 8 & up



emphasis is on developing coordination, strength, flexibility and tumbling skills.  Ages 7 & Up


combines street jazz and funk styles in a high-energy class, developing technique, self-confidence and stage performance.




infuses movement combined with jazz and lyrical. Dancers will be encouraged to push the envelope and step outside the box with their creative movements while exploring their emotions to help develop their performance.

Irish Step Dance

offered at the beginner and competitive levels.

Musical Theatre

available for all abilities. Become a "triple threat" while preparing for the stage. Learn dance routines from popular Broadway shows!

Combo Classes

 instruction in hip hop,  ballet and tap dancing. Children learn creative movement, coordination and rhythmic skills. Ballet and Tap shoes required.

Private Piano Lessons

lessons for all ages are designed to meet individual needs and desires.

Private Voice Lessons

whether you're a beginner or have been singing for years, these private voice lessons for all ages focus on strength, range, stamina and control and will take your voice to the next level.

Vocal Technique

a small group voice lesson designed to develop musical skills and confidence in a supportive environment. Students will learn ear training skills, a sense of pitch and rhythm while involving games and teamwork.


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